Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question related to the recovery and forward progress of The Village of East Palestine, click the button below to send it in.

  • Why did the Village of East Palestine change their branding?

    Branding defines and differentiates you from others. More than just a logo – your brand encompasses your value, identity, voice, reputation and image. Moving away from the Ohio State Seal inspired graphic, this rebranding gives the Village of East Palestine an opportunity for a fresh start and a new outlook that pays homage to the history and traditions of the town, while setting the stage for its future growth and redevelopment initiatives.

  • How did you choose the new logo and tagline?

    We turned to the professionals. The Village sent out a request for quotes to a number of advertising agencies in Ohio and Pennsylvania and after vetting and reviewing all the proposals, ultimately chose WRL Advertising, LLC from Canton, OH as our partners. They are celebrating their 70th year and are a full-service agency that can meet the branding and communications needs of the Village. They submitted many design options, and the logo selected is a hand-illustrated depiction of some of our most recognizable buildings, in an elegant navy and gold color palette. The tagline, Pride. Tradition. Progress. is representative of our community’s strength and resilience, our rich heritage and strong roots, and our aspirations for creating a better future.

  • Does this site replace the current website?

    No. This site serves as a complementary site to the current website http://eastpalestine-oh.gov/ which will continue to be the resource for contacts and information residents need from the Village of East Palestine government and its various departments. It will receive a facelift to incorporate the new branding, but the content will remain the same.

  • What is the purpose of the new website?

    This website will focus on our progress forward. We want to proactively communicate to the world the good news that we are on the road to recovery with a resource for factual, consistent and easy-to-understand news and information specifically regarding the clean-up and economic development plans for The Village of East Palestine. We want to attract new residents, new businesses, and consumers back to our town. We will share frequent updates on all the positive developments as they happen, so you can rely on this site as the one source for reliable Village recovery information.

  • What else can we expect from the Village rebranding initiative?

    More communication. Since the world is mobile and more people are turning to their devices to consume their news and information, The Village of East Palestine will be launching new social media channels on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The EP Information Facebook page will remain and be revised with the new logo. We will also be creating a monthly printed newsletter that will be mailed to every business and household mid-month with more frequent updates from the Village and important information you need to know as a resident or business owner in East Palestine.

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