Unearth Unique Treasures at Kat’s Krystals

This charming boutique brims with a delightful array of locally crafted treasures, each carefully made by skilled local artisans. Among the shelves, you’ll discover a diverse collection of crystals, handpicked by owner Kat Smith.

Kat’s fascination with natural wonders began in her youth, when she collected different rocks during her family’s travels. She now shares her passion for earth made items and creativity with everyone at her store located in East Palestine. Her dream started humbly by selling items on a small cabinet shelf within another local store. In July of 2023, Kat moved into her very own storefront with much more space to house unique items. The shop has a little something for everyone from jewelry to crocheted items and much more. Stop in today to bring home a truly special gift. Follow her on Facebook.